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Complete Guide: How to Make a Website on WordPress 2021

Everyone wants to establish their own impact on this current web technology revolution for his/her business or individual purposes. As a matter of fact, people are now showing very interest to learn how to make a website on WordPress from scratch.

But the problem is most of the people are not a tech person and also have not the capability for hiring a freelancer to do their jobs.

Besides, it is very difficult to find the correct guideline to build their own WordPress website among thousands of blogs.

So what they should do?

Stop thinking! Luckily, you come to the right place because in short, you will learn how to make a website on WordPress from scratch step-by-step free.

Most importantly, you don’t need to spend much money as well as not hiring someone to build it.

How? Of course, I know this question comes to your mind.

First of all, you have to believe in yourself that you can do it. Remember, this is a complete guide for people of all ages & skill levels.

Besides, if you need any help, you can easily contact us for making your website free.

But before the start to build a WordPress website, you have to know some important topics that will clarify your common as well as hidden questions.

In fact, if you are already familiar with it, you can skip this and start from step one.

Why WordPress?

In web technology, there are hundreds of different platforms or website builders including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Wix, Shopify, Magento, etc.

But in this guide, we choose WordPress as our Content Management System (CMS) or website platform.

WordPress is used by more than 36% of websites all over the world. Besides, it is free that comes with tons of website design templates and extensions.

You find WordPress in its official website and find all the WordPress related software in

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In fact, you can know better the differences between and by reading this beautiful post. Plus, it is also a flexible, easy to use and the most customizable website builder on the planet.

We have also used WordPress to make our site

What is WordPress Theme?

A WordPress theme refers to the front-end design of your website. It can be changed, managed, and modified according to the user’s needs.

Similarly, each of these themes comes with unique design, layouts as well as features & functionalities.

Most importantly, there are enormous premium and free WordPress themes available you can find a large number of free theme collections in theme directory

For more information about the WordPress Theme, please read the article.

What is WordPress Plugin?

A WordPress Plugin is called a piece of software that allows you to add advanced & extra features and functionalities in your website. Like WordPress themes, a Plugin can also be changeable and customizable.

In other words, you can add many more essential Plugins at the same time as well as to deactivate & remove them when you need them.

Moreover, Plugins are also free and paid you can see the huge amount of Plugins in the Plugins directory.

Check out more about WordPress Plugins by reading this amazing post.

How Much Does It Really Cost to Make a Website on WordPress?

As all of we know that WordPress is free and the most popular open source Content Management System (CMS) that powered millions of websites around the world.

Similarly, by using its free Themes & Plugins, one can very easily build their personal website.

Still, you need to pay the minimum cost of making your site. Thanks to weDevs for posting this awesome article where you will know how much does really cost to build a WordPress website?

In this ultimate guide, you will learn to make your dream WordPress website under $100.

What is Domain Name?

Generally, a domain name means the name of your website ( Besides, it is also called your website address where the internet users can access your site.

In addition, it can be any combination of numbers and letters. However, there are several types of domain names such as .com, .org, .net, etc and we always prefer to use a .com domain name.

Remember, without registration, one cannot use the domain name. So it’s very necessary to choose a perfect domain name for our tutorial on how to make a website on WordPress from scratch.

Let’s look at the below where you will see some features of an ideal domain name:

  • Your Domain Name Must Be Short & Simple
  • Your Domain Name Should Be SEO Friendly 
  • Your Domain Name Should Be Unique & Memorable
  • You Domain Name Should Easy To Spell & Pronounce
  • Domain Name Should Define Your Brand 
  • Not To Use Hyphens, Number & Double Letter

What is Web Hosting?

In short, web hosting is the place or location where all the website files are kept. It is also called the root access point of the website.

In other words, you can imagine a domain name is the address of your website and web hosting refers to the home of your website.

So whenever you think to launch a website on the internet, you need web hosting.

In addition, there are various types of web hosting like Shared hosting, WordPress hosting, Reseller hosting, Dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, and so one.

But every user can choose their web hosting plan according to their actual needs.

In our journey of making a WordPress website, we will choose as our web hosting partner.

Above all, we cover some essential topics that will help to understand as well as give answer many of your questions.

How to Build a WordPress Website Using 8 Simple Steps

  1. Find a Suitable Domain Name and Buy Web Hosting
  2. Install WordPress
  3. Know About Your WordPress Dashboard or Admin Panel
  4. Pick a Suitable Theme for Your Website
  5. Change Essential Setting and Customize Your Website
  6. Create Your Essential Pages and Add Content
  7. Set Your Proper Site Navigation or Menu
  8. Add Essential Plugins for Getting Extra Features

Let’s get started:

Step #1: Find a Suitable Domain Name and Buy Web Hosting

Generally, there are lots of different web hosting companies that provide domain & hosting services nationally and internationally. Among the other, we will choose Bluehost as our hosting partner that we already mentioned.

In fact, Bluehost is best that highly recommended by

Therefore, you will see some special features of Bluehost in this following list that will tell you why we select it.

  • It’s a very popular company that highly compatible with WordPress and its users
  • It’s very cheap to start from ($3.95/m)
  • It offers free domain name
  • It’s very easy-to-use and user friendly
  • It offers 24/7 customers support with live chat
  • It has an informative blog where you will learn a lot

It’s time to get our free domain name registration & purchase our suitable hosting plan from Bluehost.

First, you will need to go to the Bluehost official website and just click on the green ‘Get Started Now’ button.

how to create a wordpress website for beginners

After that, it’ll bring you to the pricing page where you’ll select your desire hosting plan or package for your website. You can easily start with the Basic plan.

how to create a wordpress website

Then, you click on the select button and continue the next following process.

On the next step, you will be asked to select your new domain name. For instance, make sure that your domain name should be short, brandable, memorable, easy-to-spell, and always try to use the .com domain.

In fact, we already mentioned the features of an ideal domain name that you can check the above domain name section.

In fact, we already mentioned the features of an ideal domain name that you can check the above domain name section.

how to build a wordpress website

After choosing your website domain name click the continue button.

Now, you’ll need to fill all of your account information like name, email, address, etc.

how to make a wordpress website

Similarly, you’ll also recheck your package information and add some extra features in your domain & hosting plan in this section.

After that, you need to fill payment information and complete the last process.

how to create a website using wordpress

Step #2: Install WordPress

After successfully registered with a free domain & hosting plan on the Bluehost account, our next step is to Install WordPress on your website.

To do this, you can follow any of these two methods including a video tutorial below.

How to install WordPress

1. Installing WordPress with Marketplace

a)  First, log in to your Bluehost cPanel account.

how to create a website from wordpress

b)  Next, find the website section and select Install WordPress. (Website>Install WordPress)

c)  Then click the Install button.

how to make a website with wordpress

d)  On the next screen, choose your website domain name from the drop-down list where you would like to install WordPress. In the directory filed, you can leave it blank or create a subdomain such as ‘blog’.

how to make a website from scratch

e)  If you want to change your username, password, and email address, you will need to click the advance option and change the above options. Then click the Install Now button and wait a while to finish the installation process.

how to build a wordpress website

2. Installing WordPress with My Sites

  • Sign in to your Bluehost hosting account.
  • Then find and open the My Sites tab from the left sidebar menu.
  • Next, click on the Create Site button.
  • Write your Website Name and Tagline.
  • Just click the Next button.
  • Choose your website domain name and select the directory where you would like to install WordPress.
  • After that, click the Next button.

In conclusion, wait some moment to complete the whole installation.

Step #3: Know About Your WordPress Dashboard or Admin Panel

However, to know about your WordPress admin panel or dashboard first you have to Log in to your website backend.

You can log in to your website by using the following link:

making a wordpress website

Firstly, enter your username & password that Bluehost has sent in your email. After successfully sign in you will see the WordPress Admin Panel or Dashboard.

create a website with wordpress

Here, you will see the current status of your website and a left sidebar where you can control the website by using some menus.

However, let me explain to you some use & work of these menus below.

  1. Dashboard: The dashboard is the home page of WordPress Admin Panel where you can see your website’s details at a glance. 
  2. Posts: Here, you can publish & edit blog posts on your website.
  3. Media: You can upload & manage your website images, videos, and other files here. 
  4. Pages: You can create your essential pages here.
  5. Comments: In this section, you can manage your website comments.
  6. Appearance: Here, you can design & customize your website front-end.
  7. Plugins: With this, you can install a new Plugin and control your other Plugins.
  8. Users: Manage the user’s account details here.
  9. Tools: Control your available tools here.
  10. Settings: This is the main setting.

Step #4: Pick a Suitable Theme

At this stage, you’ve successfully completed the previous two steps regarding how to make a website on WordPress.

Now it is high time to install a suitable WordPress theme that will fit your website design so you can customize it to your own style.

Since this complete tutorial for everyone so we’ve decided to use Astra, the best free responsive WordPress theme. Besides, if you need a premium theme for building your website using WordPress, you’ll check out the best multipurpose WordPress themes.

Similarly, with these themes, you can easily create any custom website with touching a line code.


However, Astra is a free, powerful, lightweight, mobile-friendly, and easily customizable theme that has used tons of websites. Besides, this theme can easily compatible with popular page builders such as Elementor, Brizy, Gutenberg, Beaver Builder, and more.

Therefore, it also optimized with Woocommerce, SEO, RTL, and tons of advanced features. In fact, you can find many documentation and video tutorials on YouTube as well as its official website where you will guide to solve your many problems.

So you don’t need to worry? Let’s do it.

1). Install Theme

In general, adding a new WordPress theme is very simple. First, you’ll go to this section of your dashboard sidebar Appearance ->Theme.

how to build wordpress site

Then on the next screen, just click on the Add New button.

how to build website using wordpress

You’ll then need to type Astra in the search bar, where you see the Astra theme below. And click on the Install button and Activate it.

how to make a wordpress website for beginners

After successfully install and active the theme, you’ll go to the Appearance -> Astra Options, where, you’ll see some customizer settings.

how to make a wordpress site

2). Delete Other Old Themes

Before starting customization, you’ll have to delete your other inactive themes for better high performance.

Because this will take lots of extra space in the website database and it will be good for our website.

how to build a wordpress website from scratch

Anyway, to remove your other inactive themes from your WordPress dashboard, click Theme Details. After that, you can see the Delete button below the page and click to delete it.

Step #5: Change Essential Settings and Customize Your Website

Awesome, you’re on the way to create your WordPress website from scratch. Now it’s the perfect moment to modify your website as well as change some important settings on your own.

Simply, go to Dashboard ->Setting for the setting and go Appearance -> Customize for site customization.

how to create a website with wordpress pdf
creating a wordpress website for beginners

Here, you will see all the options on your website. You can customize all of them if you want. I will show you some valuable customizations so that you can do it yourself later.

Why late? Let’s do it.

1). Set Permalink

For setting your site permalink, generally, you’ll go to the main Setting ->Permalink.

In here, you’ll see some common permalink setting options. But you have to mark the Post name options and click the save changes button.

how to create a website with wordpress step by step

2). Change Website Fonts & Color Schema

Your website fonts and colors mean a lot. Besides, make sure that you set your main typography and color in your website body & content. You may use different typography in the heading and also may use a different color in your link.

To change your website fonts, you have to go Global ->Typography. Under this section, you’ll find two options Base Typography and Headings.

Then, click those two buttons and change them with your current fonts. After changing, makes sure to click on the Published button to save your changes.

wordpress website how to build
how to create a website using wordpress for beginners

Like typography, you’ll see the colors on global section Global ->Colors -> Base Colors.  Here, you can change several colors of your website. After adding your desire colors, just click on the Published button.

wordpress website

3). Add Logo & Site Icon

Your logo represents your website around the world so it is very important to add your own logo on your website.

You’ll see the logo changing options in the Header ->Site Identity. Then you just click on the Select Logo button and upload your website logo.

Besides, it’s very important that your logo is in png format and transparent in background. You can also resize your logo as well as add a custom logo for mobile devices.

You find all of these options here. Below the following picture, you will see that I uploaded my own logo.

how to make a wordpress website mobile friendly

Therefore, you can also add your site icon here Header ->Site Identity. Next, you need to click on the Select site icon button and upload it. After the uploading logo and site icon, click on the Publish button.

how to build a wordpress website from scratch for beginners

4). Change Footer Bar Info

Generally, the footer bar displays your website information like website title, year, copyright, and website name. So you have to add your own website information in the footer bar.

For changing this info, you’ll go to the Footer ->Footer Bar. In the picture below, I’ll show you where you need to change.

Here, you just remove [theme_author] to [your website name] and click on the Publish.

how to make website in wordpress

5). Add Widgets

You may add your custom widgets to your website. First, you’ll go to the Appearance -> Widgets.

how to create a website using cpanel and wordpress

On the next page, you will see a lot of widgets and can easily include them in your Main Sidebar by dragging and dropping, like the image below.

make wordpress website from scratch

Step #6: Create Your Essential Pages and Add Content

a). Create Pages

Without pages, you cannot imagine a website and having some pages on every website, is very common. For instance, you will see some common pages that all the websites have in the list below.

  • Home: It is called the main or front page of your website. When someone visits your website, they will see the home page first.
  • About: In this page, you add some basic information about your website.
  • Blog: All the posts of your website will go on the blog page.
  • Contact: Your visitor can contact you using this page.
  • Privacy & Policy: Here, you can write your website policy & privacy.
  • Terms & Condition: Here, you can put some terms & conditions to your user while using your website.

However, go to Pages ->Add New for creating your first page.

wordpress how to build a website

On the next screen, you type the title of your page like Home and click on the Publish button twice for publishing the page.

how to build a website with elementor

You also create a Blog page to display your posts. After that, visit the Setting ->Reading in your WordPress dashboard.

Where you need to select (A static page) and choose Home as your (Homepage 🙂 as well as Blog as your (Posts page 🙂 then click below the save changes button for properly working your changes.

how to create a wordpress website step by step

So your home page is no longer remaining your post page. Now, you can create your custom dynamic landing page.

To make a Landing Page with your website, you can use Elementor the world’s best free Page Builder for WordPress.

However, you can also watch this amazing tutorial, where you’ll learn how to build a landing page using the Elementor step-by-step guide for beginners.

Create a Landing Page Using Elementor

b). Add Content

Create a Post

Well, it’s time for some adding content on your website. For this, go to Posts ->Add New.

how to build a professional website using wordpress

On the following page, you will see the visual post editor. Here, you add your post title then add some content including images, videos and click on the Publish button for publishing the post.

In addition, you also can Save Draft your post as well as add Featured Image, Categories, and Tags in your post content.

how to make a beautiful wordpress website without coding

Categories & Tags

Moreover, you’ll add categories and tag in here Posts -> Categories and Posts -> Tags in your WordPress admin panel.

how to make a wordpress website for beginners
make a website with wordpress fast and easy


Comments are very important for your website because it allows your reader to talk about your website. It also impacts on your website ranking & popularity.

For instance, after adding content, you’ll set your website discussion by visiting Setting -> Discussion.

Then, you can allow and disable your website comment along with your needs.

how to make a wordpress website for free


Generally, Images and videos are also vital elements of every website. In WordPress, you can upload your media files very easily.

Just, simply click on the Media -> Add New then upload your valuable images, videos, logo, and infographics for your website.

For proper understanding, you may also see the image below.

how to create a wordpress website without coding

Step #7: Set Your Proper Site Navigation or Menu

Technically, a menu indicates your website navigation. In the menu, you can add essential pages like ‘Home’, ‘About’, ‘Blog’, ‘Contact’ and etc.

Besides, it also gives the proper guideline to your users when some coming to visit your site.

Remember, your website navigation or menu gives the perfect friendly experience among the users while visiting your website. So adding a stunning is very essential to create your WordPress website from scratch.

Most importantly, a user-friendly menu always provides an important impact on your website as well as your users too.

Therefore, you have seen every website that comes with various types of menus such as top, side, and footer. You can implement all of them on your website.

Let’s add the first menu on our website.

First, you need to go to Appearance -> Menu. Second, you have to create your first menu with a name. After creating that you can add your pages to the menu from the left side. Last, make sure that you save the changes by clicking on the save menu button.

Last, make sure that you save the changes by clicking on the save menu button.

Besides, you may create other menus by adding different pages for your website and also will delete your menu if need.

How to build a website in WordPress from scratch

Step #8: Add Essential Plugins for Getting Extra Features

However, in the above segment of Plugins’ details, you might be already understood about the Plugin and its importance.

For extra powering your WordPress website, you can add many Essential Plugins.

To activate a Plugin, you’ll go to Plugins -> Add New then find your Plugin by searching. After finding your desire Plugin, you have to Install and Active it.

How to create a free WordPress website

In addition, we will also feature some of the common popular Plugins that are very useful for every website, especially new websites as well as help you to create your WordPress website from scratch.

You can see the list below.


Page Builder

  • Elementor: The powerful drag & drop Page Builder for building amazing pages with some clicks. 
  • Happy Elementor Addons: The perfect addons for Elementor to create a stunning website.
  • Gutenberg: Check out this visual editor while adding content.


  • Yoast SEO: Use this popular SEO Plugin for dominating the search engine.
  • Rank Math: It also an advanced tool for proper SEO optimization.


Website Optimizer



Great, you’ve successfully completed all the above stuff and know how to make a website on WordPress. I hope that this guild will clarify your idea of making a WordPress website.

Moreover, it also helps you for understanding a lot of topics regarding website creation as well as solves many of your questions that come to your mind.

Therefore, if you’ve faced any problem with this tutorial, please we request you to feel free to contact us. Remember, we always with you and always will be your assist.

Please share your experience on how will you build your dream website?

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